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Our aim is :

  • To create an atmosphere where there is mutual love and respect among the students and the teachers.

  • To mould and nurture the young children into useful and responsible citizens.

  • To instill in children true love for Indian culture, civilization and moral values while learning to use modern technical innovations.

  • To create and egalitarian society where everyone is treated as equal irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

  • To educate children about the dignity of labour

  • To foster in the student a commitment to doing justice: to help him/her develop as a person for others and to prepare him/her to take his/her place as a competent, concerned, and responsible member of society.

  • To inculcate in the children the urge to help those who are less privileged.

  • To encourage children to hold fast to the basic values of life handed down to us by our forefathers.

  • To develop in the student an attitude of openness to growth and enabling him/her to take responsibility for his/her own growth.

  • To prepare the student to be intellectually competent: to promote and develop intellectual skills, understanding and to fulfill the academic requirements necessary for advanced forms of education for life.

  • To help  the students to become a loving person: to assist him/her establish his/her own identity and to move beyond self-centeredness towards a more humane relationship with others.

  • To educate children about the need to preserve the environment.

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